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I feel dirty....


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So today I was up at the Saddle Room in Hoffman for a thing..

Since Cabella's was just across the lot, and I was feeling ammo-curious, I took a stroll.


Now then, since the cook ammo tax, I have NEVER purchased ammo there since...but, I was ammo-curious about availability.

One 'shocker' was that they removed 2 or 3 isles of ammo. What used to be continuous isles now has a wide space in the center.

Prices were nutty as expected...but...

I spotted something I had only seen on the interwebs.

At that was this...



While I have other 22 mag loads I was always interested in this Gold Dot stuff..but never saw it on any shelves.

So...I cringed, wrestled with my inner voices..argued for a bit...and ended up taking one where one should never go and paid the $19.99 price..plus 10% c(r)ook tax..plus the c(r)ook ammo tax...

Still...only one box as I have plenty of other stuff that does the job, but hey..its 'GOLD DOT...YO!"


I feel dirty...unclean...and I think I need to go cry in the shower...




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22 hours ago, Yettiblood said:

The same thing has happened to me. After about 3 weeks the guilt and shame subsided. The pain never goes away but it does get easier with time.  


All the tears and showers havent helped....

I've made an appointment with a counselor....

I'm told part of the therapy includes a bath in a tub of ammo and secret squirrel discount codes for sgammo....




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