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Im lookingfor a holster for my H&K VP9SK and was looking for recommendations on what ones would be good for a chubbier guy. Right now i have a Alien Gear for it but its too big and bulky and cant wearit.I also have We The People Holsters for it and my other firearms but digs into me no matter where i put it on me. What are some of your experiences if you have a little extra meat on you?? No bashing please im not fat just a little extra meaty lol.
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Is bare kydex against your skin a problem for you, or not? If not, give a look at JM Custom Kydex.


Good luck with your quest. I hate looking for holsters most of anything, moving into a new gun. And online holster reviews and recommendations are usually worthless. More worthless than usual.


(Don't care so much for Aliengear, or the hybird holster concept. I moved on to preferring the kydex taco style, with snap loops.)

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For best comfort?


For my Browning High Power Alloy Detective I prefer an OWB leather holster (Privateer Corsair) with an appropriate cover garment. I also have an IWB leather holster (Privateer Cutthroat) in the same basic style from the same holster maker.


I purchased the IWB first... thinking that was the way I should carry. I love extra pockets, for phone, tools and whatnot and nearly always wear a Columbia Polar-tech vest... so OWB is a good option for me and it is a heck of a lot more comfortable.


I have a number of Alien Gear, Crossbreed and other "hybrid style" IWB holsters. They use far too much material and do not offer the retention you really need. Tiny IWB/OWB kydex holsters work better but will not fit my non standard Alloy Detective properly and seem to hang off the belt in the wrong way. A classic leather holster still works really well... I think they "got it right" long ago!



A well made custom holster will please you and last for a very long time.

Do not go cheap on your holsters.



A picture:

The tan one is the IWB for High Power

The other two are OWB High Power/Sig P238






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I always carry IWB and TT Gunleather makes my holsters. Depending on time of year/situation I will carry a CZ75 Compact, 85 Combat or 2075 Rami. All in the Slim XC model. Very well made, not bulky and as comfortable as carrying a pistol in your pants can be. I also use a Beltman 1.75"belt.

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I have a lot of extra meat on me . I get poked and stuck no matter where I place the holster or for that matter what type of holster I wear. I normally wear an IWB leather or kydex depending on the firearm. A shoulder holster would stop the poking but hard to wear during the summer.


If you only have a big belly and no extra side meat , you could probably get away with an outside the waist belt holster.

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Plus 10 on the beltman belt listed above. And if you can get the 1.75 and a 1.50 for dress casual!

Be sure to get bullhide double layered.


Back to the holster. I too am a round mound of manly love. I use the Black Point Tactical kydex holsters.

IWB is the base but with the included attachments you can OWB this holster.

For pure feel and convenience of late Ive been carrying appendix. Yes it will grip out during sitting, but I have it covered with a longer loose t-shirt or I wear a button up with the tail out. There is a wing on it that lays against you to not sweat on the firearm.


Just another idea, but look into the belt its the more important than holster for me!

Plus the 1.75 stays straight better than other flimsy belts.

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While I mostly go OWB....

The best IWB I've found is the Galco king tuk


While not the 'finest' hand crafted from the skin of blessed unicorns....Funnily..my favorite OWB is a tagua.

Specifically the texas 1836 series

Fits my glocks great....retains very well.

I happen come across one one day..checked it out...figured I'd give it a shot since it was very nice out of the box...

After a few years...still going strong....and its my go-to OWB for the glock.




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