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There's no limit. But if you take delivery of multiple guns at the same time from an FFL, the FFL will have to report the multiple sale.

True or False and I thought you would know while we are on this kind of subject.

You can only have up to 5 max firearms on any one 4473?

Outside of the multiple reporting.........

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From what I gather, you can buy as many long guns as you want, but if you buy 2 handguns in a 5day period it has to be reported to the feds.

I think this is the thread winner.


Richard Daley Jr. sued for the multiple purchase records, and I recall that he won.

He has my name.

My very first purchase was a multiple, and in retrospect I would not have done that.

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There is no limit on how many guns you can buy in one year in the State of IL. During Christmas, I did a transfer for one of my best customers, I transferred 14 guns on 1 4473 form. There is no limit on how many guns you can buy in 1 4473 transaction form. In the past, we put additional firearms on a blank sheet of paper, 100% federally legal. When they changed the 4473 forms in November of 2020, the ATF created a "continuation form" to add additional firearms outside of the original 4473 form.
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