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Safe Harbor? Casino Parking Lot


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Police: Glenview man arrested after gun found in car at Rivers Casino




A Glenview man was arrested early Monday morning after police discovered a gun in a car outside Rivers Casino, authorities said.


Peter Davidson, 48, of the 4100 block of Hampton Court, was charged with carrying and concealing a firearm in a gaming facility and carrying and concealing a firearm while under the influence, Des Plaines Police said


The gun was in a car parked at the casino, and it was found while emergency crews were trying to assist an unresponsive person in the car, police said. Davidson was outside the vehicle when police arrived.


A test revealed a white, powdery substance also found in the car was cocaine, police said.



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I'll assume the Rivers Casino is not on Indian land, so state law applies.


The three issues, which aren't explained well, are whether he had a CCL, whether the firearm was visible from outside the car, and whether he was actually under the influence.


Carrying and concealing a firearm in a gaming facility is moot if he has a CCL and if the firearm was not visible from outside the car. Saying the emergency workers found the gun when they entered the car implies it wasn't visible from outside, but it's not definitive.


Carrying and concealing a firearm while under the influence could be a problem if he actually was intoxicated. The smart thing would have been to unload the firearm and enclose it if he was intoxicated, but he was probably understandably preoccupied with the apparently imminent death of his friend.


The parking lot should have been a safe harbor, but there are still ways to screw up. We just don't know if he did or not.

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Any number of ways for this but I’ll try....lol

He called the medical personal on site?

They showed up from another call and responded to a person non responsive?

They asked him who or where the person was?


If they then entered the car to assist a OD and during that entry the firearm was seen in plain sight, has no bearing on if they could see it from the outside. I’m almost certain even without it being said in the article that they were not looking for a firearm while assisting the OD. Just one mans opinion.


Being a dumba$$ with or without a CCL in any parking lot having safe harbor is still being a dumba$$.

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