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FOID and CCL pandemic renewal extensions


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My FOID and CCL were renewed before the pandemic hit so I didn't get caught up in all the delays renewing or new app processing. I read additional time was granted for renewals, keeping expired permits valid during the process. Looking at the ISP portal I see my expiration dates show "COVID19". Once all the dust settles on the pandemic will I benefit from these pandemic grace periods / extensions by extending my expiration dates? Maybe the pandemic extensions will have no effect on anyone's expiration dates ... just curious ...

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When did you renew?

Did you renew both?

When did they originally expire?

Since you did it before the delays do you already have your cards?

The basic rules as I read them is a 18 month period after the state declares the emergency over, what ever that is!


But absent of all that, and it all matters, no one should think that The Peoples Republic of Illinois will hand out extended expire dates or that any resident will benefit from the extensions given.


Good Luck

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