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conceal carry training certificate


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Hey everyone hope you all are safe and well. hey do anyone know if your certificate expires. I just found out my foid card was just sent out 4 days ago, but I took my CC class in 2015. can I still sent this one in or do I have to do the 4 hour class? because I just paid for my CC in my portal.

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one can take the CCL class with out a FOID

but one can not get a CCL without having a FOID

and since this sounds like he is just now applying first time he doesn't have a CCL to expire in the 5 year time frame


get all your ducks in a row

address on everything matches

list of previous addresses

answer the questions slowly and read through them twice

submit your app and sit back, if it turns out the cert is old form then instructor can update

but the certs do not expire its been discussed several times here and many people took the class when they found a good price point they could afford and have had to wai to save for the license fees and possible to purchase a handgun

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Its like a puzzle, and your looking for the pieces.


You have an old certificate and want to know if you can submit it, yet you paid the fee already.

Questions, Questions……



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Aha didn’t see that the first time, good catch.

So if he paid already just sit back and have a cold one right?

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Thanks everyone for your replies. come to find out the seal that was on it was out dated and is no longer being accepted so I had to get a new certificate which I have and I took my wife and she qualified and got hers. but my instructor made a error on our certificates and 5 days after I submitted them I went back in my portal and a message came up saying my instructor license had been revoked. he typed his instructors number on our certificates wrong and I had to send them back in a email. I hope this don't slow the process up even more. because I hear its a 120 days to process. also if I buy a gun from Cabelas in Indiana do I still have to do that 72 hour wait Illinois do or is it buy and walk.

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