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Elephant Question on FOID Renewals


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Is there a grace period on a expired card while you are waiting on a renewal to come through?

An nominally expired card is valid forever as long as you applied for renewal before the expiration date (and as long as you're not denied).


Good luck convincing various merchants that your expired card isn't expired, though.

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I would add that this is the same reason that the Gun Control Advocates screaming about "Loop holes" in this state was ridiculous. I have some knowledge of how some of this works due to my job. There is a program called Rap Back that is basically a nightly ran FBI background check to verify there are no new charges/warrants out for you. This is ran on many things including government badges, CCLs, and FOIDs (in illinois).

If something "pops" on that system, if it disqualifies you from having a firearm, Your FOID and CCL will be revoked/suspended whatever you want to call it.


So when we go to do a private transfer and we use the state site to verify the FOID is active, you can bet that a background check was ran within the past 24hrs.


So this screaming about loop holes was not warranted, for multiple reasons, this is just one.

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Good info, thanks for sharing, and congrats.




I just received my renewed foid card.

This is how the process worked for me:


When you login to IL foid website you will see the renew button 90 days before you existing card expires ( it will not show up before that)

after applying it took about 60 days for me to get my new card

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I should point out that when I applied for my renewal, I was presented with a page that said my current foid card would be valid

until my new card arrived. I did print out that page an put it in my glove box, incase I was going to the range and was pulled over

with an expired card. But like others have said, I don't know that anyone would accept that as a valid documentation to allow

me to purchase ammo, shoot at the range, or purchase a firearm. Fortunately, I received my new card before it actually expired.

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