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I really like the Hellcat's U-dot sights


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I don't really dislike the Hellcat and I don't have any particular animus against Springfield despite their recent traitorous actions...

I did a side-by-side (countertop) comparison of the Sig P365, the Ruger Max9, the Hellcat and the Shield Plus. Admittedly I went in with a bias towards the Shield Plus because I like my Shield so much. I wanted to like the Sig best because, Sig... The Ruger, despite the dealer's high recommendation didn't do anything for me and neither did the Hellcat other than the sights. It came down to feel in my hand and target/sight acquisition on bringing it up to the eye. The Hellcat sights just jumped right into position but the Shield Plus just felt right in my hand and the sights (plain 3-dot) worked. I have the TFO sights on my Shield and if I can't find the U-dots anywhere I'll likely put TFOs on this one as well until the U-dots become available for aftermarket use.

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