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Emergency Call to Action 6/15/2021 - HB562 Witness Slips Needed


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I contacted my rep by email. Here is his reply. From David Welter


Thank you for your e-mail in opposition to House Bill 1092 and House Bill 562. The concerns you raise are valid and well-stated. I am a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights and have opposed both of these bills when they were first voted on in the House. Thank you for taking the time to reach out and share your feedback with me and for being an advocate for law-abiding gun owners in the State of Illinois. I support you and your constitutional rights.




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Done x4

I did my wife as well now she has a foid, probably could do my kids but seriously considered filing one for Durbin and Duckworth... (but didn't)


When I say x4 it's because my immediate family and siblings were contacted and all did a slip. Sometimes they ask me to do it for them.


I suspected as much, sorry if you thought I was accusing, I should do my kids as well.

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