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FOID application after 5 years last hospitalized

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Hello. I was last voluntarily admitted to a mental hospital over 5 years ago. Ive never had a FOID, only gone to the range with friends who have their FOID. Can someone tell me the process I now need to go through to obtain a FOID card? I was told that I must apply, get denied, and appeal first. I have a clean record besides the hospitalization. I currently receive outpatient mental health care, and currently receive SSI disability benefits due to an anxiety related disorder. Does that disqualify me? I am a peaceful person looking to protect my family and home. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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If you were a patient in a Mental Health Facility more than five years ago:

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The after 5 years certification can be done by your physician - cost of an office visit.

I agree. First choice is your primary care physician. Unless you have been getting meds from psychiatrist, in which case ask THAT treater to complete the form.

Ask them for a copy, too.

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