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Gun violence tracker - CNN’s push for gun control.


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Screenshot shows it all.



Regular CNN viewers will have noticed that since Tuesday, CNN's New Day and a number of other CNN shows have been displaying an on screen tabulation of the number of mass shootings and deaths from mass shootings so far this year, in much the same style the network had been using to keep track of COVID death statistics.



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On another CNN note, Jeffrey Toobin returned today after a seven month absence.


Following a rather longish discussion of the reason for his absence, they proceeded with a discussion on gun control. It was his thought the the recent California ruling that we might support would ultimately stand, ending their AWB and possibly changing the landscape in our favor re mag restrictions, CCLs and such.


I expect there will be some Toobin jokes here... SNL has featured his troubles twice along with jokes on a number of other shows. I expect he will be on a straight and narrow path as he attempts to rebuild trust and credibility.


Cover those zoom cameras with a piece of tape or something, even though you think you turned them off!

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