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Urgent Call to Action 5/30/2021 - HB1092 Witness Slips Needed!


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Urgent Call to Action

Last week we drew your attention to HB1092, a bill we predicted could soon be added to the Senate Executive Committee hearing. This bill, if passed, will allow retaliatory Firearm Restraining Orders to be filed unchecked.

Unfortunately, our prediction came true.

Please immediately file witness slips opposing this bill and Senate Committee Amendment 1, as outlined below,

File Witness Slips Now!

Detailed Witness Slip Instructions


Log On to the ILGA Dashboard

In order to avoid completing each field manually, at the top right Log on to your ILGA Dashboard or Create a New Account if you haven't already created one, then return to this email and click on the links for each witness slip.

HB1092 Criminal Law - Tech


Read More About This Bill

File an OPPONENT Witness Slip

Track the Witness Slips


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Take note of the fact that Representative Stoneback committed to an amendment in the Senate. The amendment filed is not what she agreed to and, even if it were, they are not running it. Again, the trust issues rear their ugly head with her.

She's been in office since January of this year. Bad way to start a career in public service.


Ronald Reagan once said that the Russians "reserve to themselves the right to lie, and to cheat...."

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