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Call to All Gun Owners for Major Push Back on Thursday, May 27th!


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Urgent Notice:

The anti-gun groups are calling for a “digital day of action” on Thursday, May 27th, to try to get the FIX the FOID bill passed before end of legislative session. This outrageous bill, HB1091, demands fingerprints for gun owners, bans private transfer of firearms among law-abiding citizens, cuts the 10 yr license to 5 years, all which could raise the cost of a FOID card to $50 or more.

Call your State Representative immediately and demand they vote NO on HB1091.


Find your State Representative at this link.

There is a renewed push for HB1092 which has passed out of the House and is now up in the Senate. This bill removes hard fought Constitutional protections negotiated in the Firearm Restraining Order Act and weaponizes firearm restraining orders against Illinois gun owners by expanding the definition of who can request these orders.

Call your State Senator immediately and demand they vote NO on HB1092 and SB1165.

Not getting the negative attention it deserves, SB1165 “FOID Modernization” is poised to rear its ugly head again.

Promoted as a way to bring the FOID Act into the 21st Century this bill, in its current form, is simply a more modern version of the delays and fees that have turned the FOID Card into gun control piracy. No one, NO ONE, claiming to support the Second Amendment in Illinois should support this bill.

> Creates a politically slanted review board (appointed by Gov. Pritzker) who will have the ultimate say in FOID card appeals, no clear and convincing evidence necessary.

> Introduces fingerprints for obtaining a FOID card – although voluntary at this time, we know the high probability of that becoming required later on.

> Fees for the “automatic renewal” FOID card and its renewals under this act are not defined. The agency receiving the fees will be in control of determining the amounts.

Please call you State Senator AND co-sponsors Sen. Terri Bryant and Sen. Don DeWitte immediately to inform them of your opposition to this legislation. Explain to them, and to your own State Senator, the glaring problems with this bill.

Find your State Senator here:

Senator Terri Bryant



Senator Don DeWitte


IllinoisCarry will continue to monitor events as they unfold. Watch for additional email alerts, and look to the IllinoisCarry Forum for the latest updates.


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Sent emails and left messages.


Focused on their own arguments against voter id laws' on both HB1091 and SB1185, and how both will price the executuin of a Constitutional right out of the ability of certain, impoverished communities. That and the blatant Unconstitutionality of both, as well as SB1185 hidden attempt to make the FOID MAY issue, from SHALL issue.


On HB1092, I talked about the negotiated agreement, to make it a model for red flag laws, which is EXACTLY why it wasn't challenged in court yet. AND, how the changes to the existing law are right out of the anti-gun groups verbiage, meant to weaponize red flag laws by extending the pool of those that can file for them, to those who no longer have legal standing to do so, or knowledge permanent to the reason for a red flag law. I then said, making these changes will guarantee multiple court challenges, and with the recent SCOTUS ruling, could easily see the scrapping of the entire red flag law.

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Oh Gee Rep Yingling, a form response



Dear XXXX,,


Thank you for your recent message. I like to be accessible to all my constituents, and I always appreciate hearing from the people I serve. Your input enables me to better represent the needs of our area and state in Springfield.

Please know that I will strongly consider your input on HB1091 / Criminal Law-Tech. I always take the thoughts of my constituents and their correspondence with me into account when matters come up in the House.

I also take the time to carefully review each measure or policy and discuss the pros and cons with concerned organizations, stakeholders, and my colleagues on both sides of the aisle. I always strive to make decisions that are best for our community.

Again, thank you for reaching out to me and taking the time to share your concerns. If you have further thoughts, or if I can be of assistance in the future, please contact me at (847) 231-6262.


Sam Yingling
State Representative
62nd District

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