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Guns Safe Life vs Cook Co - ammo & firearm tax - oral argument 5/13/2021

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There are three cases on the docket for today. http://www.illinoiscourts.gov/SupremeCourt/Docket/default.asp


Case No. 126435 — People State of Illinois, Appellee, v. Lavail D. Davis, Appellant. Appeal, Appellate Court, Third District
Case No. 125918 — Rosemarie Haage et al., Appellees, v. Alfonso Montiel Zavala et al. (State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, Appellant). Appeal, Appellate Court, Second District
Case No. 126014 — Guns Save Life, Inc., et al., etc., Appellants, v. Zahra Ali, etc., et al., Appellees. Appeal, Appellate Court, First District
It sounds like they're discussing the second one now. I just tuned in, so I have no idea if they're going in order, though. Are oral arguments time-limited?
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Also saying that 2A is not the same as 1A as a right.

I’d love to hear the logic on that one.


They referred to a number of different cases with respect to strict scrutiny and other firearm-centered taxes, but I couldn't quote you specifically what was said. Perhaps Molly caught the details and can explain better.


Can ILSC punt this back to the lower courts? If they do render a decision and don't punt, either way it'll probably go to SCOTUS.

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