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Polymer80 PF940 V2


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Recently purchased a Poly80 full size 80% frame kit for a project. Not concerned with my ability to complete the project, but looking for any advice as to what parts to look for, and possibly stay away from by any experienced builders.


Trying to stay on a reasonable cost level, and the Brownells stuff looks like it may fill my needs. When back in stock.


Thanks for any advice.



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I built an SC a few months ago. I agree with the post above about using OEM lower parts. I have the Brownells slide and upper parts from Shadow Systems. My barrel is a Lone Wolf.


The build is going to reflect the time you put into it. Mine has several hours of work invested. My biggest challenge was fitting the front locking block. The P80 quality control flat out sucks. I spent several hours sanding that thing to get my slide to sit level l.

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