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Nightmare renewal process-please help

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Well after multiple attempts to activate my account on the ispfsb website and multiple automated phone calls to try to renew my CCL, I finally get to a page where I can submit a payment to the state and I'm greeted with a 404 server not found error message. My CCL expires on 5/26 and I'd really like to clear this up. Is anyone else experiencing problems paying for renewal?
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You realize this isn't a problem on my end, right?

We are just trying to help troubleshoot what is under our control.


I am going to help a friend submit his renewal next Wednesday. If you get no responses by then, I can let you know how it goes. Hopefully it will be fixed by then however.

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Thanks Craig...yes..I've tried 2 different phones...4 different browsers and a laptop.


Yikes. They say mobile devices won't work... How about clearing out cookies on the laptop? Try a friends PC..
With the earlier site revamp, ISP FAQ says mobile devices work now.


If its just today, try it later or tomorrow. Could be the ISP site, their card electronic payment processor service, the ISP internet service provider, etc.


I think they use for other systems too so I would hope them to be aware. Would be nice for a status on web page or a tweet.


As mentioned above your card is not expiring on the card printed date.

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you will have to contact ISP and get them to re set the account. It will not clear on its own. This is can be causes by phone background noise if you attempted to do by phone. ISP is aware of this issue and working on it. Best bet would probably be an e mail to ISP articulating the problem and prepare to wait.

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