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FOID Announcement

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Regarding the automatic FOID renewal.....Why pay for the electronic fingerprints....then pay to have the background check done on the electronic fingerprints....when you can get the (unconstitutional) FOID card renewed for only 10 bucks every 10 years anyway?


There's a point in life where you're not going to get your money's worth. I have reached that point, and probably did some time ago.


Furthermore...Why should the law abiding gun owners of this state have to pay more to get relief from a mess of the state's own making?

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Am I just misunderstanding something here? While I agree the FOID is an "infringement" (thus "garbage"), there are several points in this bill that SEEM to be fairly decent. To wit:

Automatic FOID Card Renewals: ISP by rule will establish automatic renewals for people that have voluntarily supplied fingerprints to ISP through the FOID Act or Conceal Carry Act

  • Only one fee can be charged for the fingerprint background check
    • Fee presently charged for CCL check. Idea here is to not get charged twice.

FOID Card administrative changes:

  • If a person’s FOID card expires and they have a valid CCL then the FOID card shall remain valid while the CCL is valid
    • ISP may automatically renew a FOID card if it expires while the person has a valid CCL
  • No longer have expiration dates on the FOID cards ?? (not sure I like this idea)
  • Automatic renewal with an FTIP inquiry
  • People may opt into email notifications from ISP rather than regular mail
  • Allows for a suspension of a FOID card for a protective order instead of a revocation. Language added that ISP must reinstate upon the dismissal of the protective order.
  • Allows for the cancellation of a FOID card instead of a revocation for those people that no longer qualify for a FOID. This is typical of a person moving out of state.
  • Upon approval of a CCL, a person’s FOID card is automatically renewed for an additional 10 years from the CCL date
  • If a person has been approved for a FOID card and a CCL then ISP shall by rule create one card that would replace both FOID and CCL cards
  • ISP may implement an electronic FOID and CCL card ??(What will they do, implant a chip in our hands??)

I also didn't like the proposal that DNR loses their funding from the FOID fee.

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I did not give my fingerprints when I registered to vote.

I did not pay for a renewal of my voter's registration card.
When I moved, I committed no crime by not re-registering for a new voter's registration card.

After a few months, the authorities caught up with me and sent a new card to my new address.


Then there's the FOID...

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The automatic renewal and FTIP inquiry are what I'm after. I agree, the FOID is trash, but part of that stems from the renewal requirement. If they did away with the renewal requirement, I could live with that. Additionally, they could solve alot of headache, by strictly making the FOID a permit for purchase and not possession. I hate this state sometimes.


If the FOID cards no longer have expiration dates, does this mean they're going to get rid of the renewal requirement?

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Fingerprints for FOID? Still a no on that. As long as it remains optional and not onerous restrictions by not providing.


Dont care for a combined card. The person Im buying ammo from has no reason to know I also have a CCL.


A lot of auto renewal items that sound good in theory, but needs better clarifications.


I expect them to still go after shorter terms and/or higher fees. They already are charging credit card "convenience" fees. Is this more?

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So I'm guessing the proposed bill was the big announcement?

One would have to actually ask the OP who hasn’t been back after getting the hopes and dreams of every FOID card holder in Illinois.



Since the OP said that the announcement would be in the ISRA Thursday Bulletin, that would have to be the famous announcement.

I liked to the bulletin in #14. Others have posted the FOID specific parts.

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