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CCL Still under review


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Once resubmitted the clock starts again

They hold the applicant responsible tor the mistakes

And once corrected they will again start the process from the beginning again

So not 260 days

120 days if you redid the first of December

Good Luck

I was browsing some other posts and I had a similar issue of randomly it requesting a re upload of the document also. Thanks for the response kinda sucks just wish it would give more info on what was wrong with the certificate.
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Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere - but I submitted my renewal last June, before my CCW expired in October, and without having taken my 3 hour renewal course.


I took the course about a week ago.


How do I submit the 3 hour course certificate?


I went to the ISP website and it said my CCW is under review, but I didn't see a place to send my 3 hour course certificate.

Thanks in advance, and once again, sorry if this has been covered elsewhere.

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