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Wife FINALLY got FOID after denial & appeal

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It appears my original post about this is gone (probably since it was over a year ago).


Anyway, I wanted to report to everyone that my wife's new FOID just magically arrived in the mail yesterday!


She applied well over a year ago, and had absolutely no reason to be denied, yet they did deny her application, and suggested that she filled out an appeal form, including an official form that must be filled out & submitted by her doctor.

Without getting too personal, she had some issues in her past, but based on the timeframe set by ISP, her issues were well beyond the amount of years that would disqualify one from getting a FOID.


So even though her issues were far enough in the past to not be a problem, they still denied the original application, and required her to fill out the appeal (with the doctors form, etc.). Since apparently appeals get put on the bottom of the pile, it was well over a year without hearing ANYTHING. No updates at all. Each time we logged in, it just continued to say "denied". However, I knew that she absolutely qualified, so I kept telling her that it was just going to be a matter of time. Apparently a really, really long time...


After over a year since we sent in the appeal document, she finally got her new (first time) FOID in the mail yesterday.


We were both very happy to finally get this behind us, but it really p***** me off that she had to wait well over a YEAR!

Unfortunately, my past is quite similar to hers, including the timeframes. Yet, I was not only able to keep the FOID that I'd had for about 20 yrs, but I had no problem getting my CCL as well...



Anyway, sorry for the long-winded post, but I wanted to share our story to give hope to anyone else that has been waiting for a really long time to get an appeal approved. (Again, there was never any updates, or communication; just a really long wait, and then she got it in the mail...)


Thanks again for everyone that gave us advice and info. while we went though this battle over the past year.

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