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Call to Action 3/14/2021 - Witness Slips Needed!


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Remembering Otis

Has it been so long that we've forgotten Otis?

A little background..

Following a lower court decision that didn't go its way, the District of Columbia appealed to the US Supreme Court in what is now known as the landmark case, DC v Heller. In that ruling, Dick Heller argued that the Second Amendment protects an individual right, including a right to keep firearms available for immediate use in one's home. SCOTUS agreed, and the decades old law requiring locked firearm storage in the District was struck down.

Enter Otis McDonald, a Chicago resident, a Black man who experienced a segregated South in his youth, who not only recognized but also demonstrated that Second Amendment rights belong to everyone, equally. And yes, an American hero. You see, in 2010 the Heller decision still applied only to the District of Columbia. That all changed when Otis became the lead plaintiff in McDonald v Chicago, the case leading to the Supreme Court's affirmation that the Second Amendment restricts not just Federal infringement of our rights, but infringement by the states and municipalities as well.

Has the passing of 11 years been so long that we've forgotten this patriot? No, and yes.

No, he is not forgotten. The gun rights community remembers him well. We recall with awe his rejection of Jim Crow style laws designed keep the oppressed under control of the man. We remember, too, his humility, and his inclusion of all races and colors in his desire for freedom.

Alas, there is also the “Yes” - the “Yes” personified by folks like Representatives Willis and Hirschauer who now ask Illinois to ignore the Supreme Court, to trivialize the accomplishments of several African American Chicagoans, Otis McDonald and Rhonda Ezell being prominent among them. You see, unlike anti-gun legislators Otis was, and Rhonda is truly color blind.

Don't let them cancel this legacy of freedom. Join us in honoring the work Mr. McDonald and Ms. Ezell have invested in our rights by filing witness slips opposing HB552 Safe Gun Storage and HB2623 IDPH Safe Gun Storage.

While filing those witness slips, take a moment to show your support for repeal of the Firearm Owners Identification Act. Several bills have been filed with this goal in mind, HB150 Firearm Owners ID Repeal enjoying the most support at this time.

At a time when thousands want to join the ranks of gun ownership the state continues its bottleneck, letting as little of our rights trickle through as possible. Help us eliminate the dinosaur called the FOID Act from our midst by supporting HB150.

File Witness Slips Now!

Detailed Witness Slip Instructions


Log On to the ILGA Dashboard

In order to avoid completing each field manually, at the top right Log on to your ILGA Dashboard or Create a New Account if you haven't already created one, then return to this email and click on the links for each witness slip.

HB552 Safe Gun Storage


Read More About This Bill

File an OPPONENT Witness Slip

Track the Witness Slip

HB2623 IDPH Safe Gun Storage


Read More About This Bill

File an OPPONENT Witness Slip

Track the Witness Slip

HB150 Firearm Owners ID Repeal


Read More About This Bill

File a PROPONENT Witness Slip

Track the Witness Slip

As the new, 102nd General Assembly moves forward, remember to follow us on the IllinoisCarry Forum, on Facebook, Twitter, and now on MeWe for the latest news and updates!


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