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My FOID Card

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I have been waiting almost 11 months for my FOID card has anyone else had to wait this long or am I the lucky one. I received a call in August saying my card was approved and I should have it in 7 to 10 days but that was 6 months ago so what did I do wrong and why doesnt the FSB ever answer any of the emails you send to them? I sent emails to them, to the Governor, to my state Representative but if they ask for my info and I send it to them then I never hear from them again its like I got the plague or something. I wanted to get some ideas of what to do next. ???

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11 months is a pint on the high side, but we do have some that have been waiting longer.

When was the last time you logged into the ISP portal and checked your status? Do that as it will give a better feel for what’s going on.

When you say they called you and said it was approved, why did they call, did you get on a call back list?

It’s not normal to get phone call about the status of ones card. Heck it’s almost impossible to get them to send an e-mail out!


Lots of reading here about this same subject which you may want to get in valves in reading and have a handle on the current situation the ISP is having with respect to FOID cards.


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