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Remote Legislative Hearing Process for IL General Assembly

Molly B.

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Pursuant to House Rule 25, the Speaker may declare that a state of pestilence or public danger exists, such that members of the Illinois House may participate remotely in hearings for committees and task forces (hereinafter, “committees”).



Remote participation in a hearing of a committee shall be conducted through Zoom video conferencing technology administered by the Legislative Information System.


Public Viewing

The committee hearing will be broadcast on the General Assembly’s website in one of the Live Virtual Rooms here: https://ilga.gov/houseaudvid.asp .


Committee Procedure

The committee chair will call the meeting to order, determine the agenda for the hearing, and maintain decorum. The committee chair will call upon members and witnesses individually to testify. Members and those testifying should remain muted until called upon. All roll calls shall be conducted orally with the video feed of the member viewable to the committee and public. However, traditional voting procedures such as voting with leave of the committee or partisan roll calls may continue to be used with the consent of the Committee.



All persons participating remotely in a committee hearing shall abide by the applicable decorum rules and practices of the House. Participants should appear before a nonpolitical, professionally appropriate background.


Providing Testimony

Members of the public who wish to provide testimony may submit electronic written testimony and/or electronic witness slips in advance of the hearing. To submit a witness slip, please visit the General Assembly Dashboard: https://my.ilga.gov. Written testimony must be submitted electronically at least one hour before the hearing to the committee’s email address (see below for the committees’ email addresses). Any written testimony must be sent as a valid PDF file. The PDF name should include the legislation type and number, position, and name: example: HB 1 Proponent Jane Doe.pdf


If you are interested in providing oral testimony remotely before House committees, please submit a witness slip through the General Assembly Dashboard: https://my.ilga.gov.. After you have submitted your witness slip, please email your request to testify and the following information to the committee’s email address (see below for the committees’ email addresses):

●Full Name

●Organization, if any

●Legislative Measure

●Committee Hearing Name, Date and Time

●Position on Legislative Measure (Proponent, Opponent, No Position)

●Contact Phone Number

●Preferred Email Address

●Attach a copy of any written testimony or presentation you would like to offer

If you are seeking to testify on a legislative matter posted for the hearing, please submit your testimony request no later than 24 hours prior to the hearing. If you are seeking to testify on a committee or floor amendment, the measure as amended, or a joint action motion, we ask that you submit your testimony request no later than 30 minutes prior to the hearing. A member of the committee staff will contact you to confirm your attendance.


Remote Committee Hearing Process.pdf

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