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Call to Action 2/28/2021


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As usual...a very articulate and on point notice mauserme! Good work. Only question I have....


Can I by chance convince you to run for Senator, Governor....or President? I know of several others here that I would like to see do the same.

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The Proponents show seven names with "Written Statement Filed".


But the Opponent side shows a slew of names with "Oral" or "Written Statement Filed" (or both).


I do not recall seeing those (to that extent) in the past. What gives?

IIRC previously they, or some, needed to be delivered in person. Check Molly post or the ILGA update regarding new rules with advent of remote sessions. There may be info there.
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Do these WSs change minds of those aligned against us?

Not the hard core anti gun legislators. They're indifferent to our rights at best; contemptuous at worst.


But there are many in the middle who need to understand that when the sponsor of an antigun bill says during floor debate "I know of no opposition", that isn't really the case. We need to let them know there is opposition even if they don't always understand it.


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