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Illinois General Assembly 2/10/2021


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With most of February's House session, and all of the Senate's February session cancelled, today, 2/10/2021, is the only floor action anticipated until 3/2/2021. A few committees are scheduled in both bodies, but only subject matter hearings are on the calendar at this time.

Today, the House Rules Committee will consider the adoption of rules for the 102nd General Assembly.

The House Rules Committee is scheduled for 10:00 AM. The Senate is not in.

Next Days Scheduled

House: 3/2/2021
Senate: 3/2/2021


House Calendar


House Supplemental Calendar 1


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House Rules Committee

10:00 AM

HR72 House Rules 102nd GA




Sponsor: Harris


Status: Rules Committee Hearing


Synopsis As Introduced


Adopts the House Rules for the 102nd General Assembly.


House Amendment 1 to HR72 - Adopted


Makes additional changes to House Rules 15, 51.5, and 66.




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HR72 will be favorably reported to the floor.


Discussion during the hearing implies it will be business as usual in the House, except for the addition of remote options for committee hearings. The cryptic, cloak and dagger procedures we are, unfortunately, used to will remain unchanged.


Was there ever a different outcome expected?

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Speaker Welch closes debate by saying this is a historic, HISTORIC first step toward change, though little really has changed.


He says he sought unprecedented feedback from members of both sides of the aisle in creating these rules. He did not mention that there is long standing precedent for the House Speaker to ignore the right side of the aisle. He did not mention that under his leadership that tradition continues.


He mischaracterizes the debate as being about respecting the rights of minorities, the LGBTQ community, protecting people form "gun violence" etc when today's debate is actually about the process used to achieve those goals, not the goals themselves.


The Illinois Constitution was brought up earlier in debate, with its clear intention to establish an open legislative process in which members of both sides are given a chance to not only advance bills but to be given sufficient time to review bills promoted by the majority party. It was mentioned that the Illinois Constitution demands legislative respect for the citizens of this state through a transparent law making process.


With adoption of the rules proposed in HR72, the complete lack of respect for Illinois residents will continue through the remainder of the 102nd General Assembly, and beyond.

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maybe he (they?) doesn't know any other way to do it? Can't wrap his (their?) mind around it?

The deadline for filing bills is intended to express all the issues to be addressed as legislation so that debate can proceed through the session.


Filing shell bills exploits a loophole that legislation can be amended during the session. If legislators (especially the leaders, who should respect the rules more than anyone) are going to exploit the loophole so egregiously, they really should just eliminate the deadline. Maintaining a fallacious deadline is just hypocrisy at this point.

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Since we're on the subject of open, transparent government we should mention one of the most vocal critics of the current system, Minority Leader Durkin. During debate on the House Rules he spoke quite eloquently of the need to respect the intent of the Illinois Constitution which requires every bill be read 3 times for the purpose of allowing legislators and citizens to voice their opinions. Today, Mr. Durkin began his usual process of filing several hundred of his own shell bills.


Part of the problem?


You decide.

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