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I'm going to take my class soon for my CCL but I'm not sure how I would mark on the ISP page If ive ever been convicted of a felony. I was convicted but my rights have been restored by the ISP Director and I know on the 4473 form I mark no. Is this any different and I feel like I'm being trapped somehow. Anyways feedback would be nice.
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Quick question

Have you purchased a firearm since the ISP director restored your rights? After he restored them!

I’m assuming you have a foid card prior also? Do you have it and was it restored or not revoked?


Assuming you have purchased a firearm a faster being restored and that you have a valid foid AND you answered “no” on the 4473.

Then you should be good to go to answer the questions, if they are the same, with a “no”.


Either way good luck.

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