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Lack of communication CCL


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Applied for my CCL back on 7/26/20. Checked in it here and there. Checked it December 18th, 2020 to find it was kicked back due to an issue with the picture I submitted. Upload new picture that day. I have my email and cell number confirmed on the website. The way I read it, if there is something ,issuing I should get an email as well as a paper letter in the mail. I’ve received neither. Status still under review. Here’s my frustration: I have nothing from the state acknowledging new picture has been uploaded to their system. I have nothing indicating where it is in the process other than under review. My concern, and fear is I uploaded this picture and nothing has triggered it going through the process again. I realize I’m not the only one in this boat. But, I think most people would have an easier time dealing with this if you submitted your app, and you knew you were applicant X and now serving Y and you could see movement. But, forever hanging in “under review” I don’t think is helping anyone. End rant.

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If you submitted the new correct picture then it should be fine.

If when you did this the picture was taken and it said finished then it was fine.

If you attempted to resubmit AGAIN and there is NO submit button, then it went through. That is the states way of telling you that the picture has been received and they have it!

Liked the whole DMV reference with ur number X now serving Y, but that's not going to happen as they aren't serving anyone at any given time, therefore the crazy backlog.


There is the possibility that once you did submit a good picture that they will NOW start processing your app.


Good Luck and Welcome to the Forums

Lots of reading here while you wait out the process with several 10's of thousands of others.

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