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Need a current training certificate


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Off-topic, but interesting to me: There's also a list of revoked instructors on that page.

More interesting to me: One of the revoked instructors is someone whom debt collectors think I am, and I never knew he was a CCL instructor.

Irony: Debt collectors demanding I pay the debts of someone I don't even know is one of the reasons I got a CCL.

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Because HIS NAME is not. For the record, my name is not listed. My business name is, that's why I asked someone with ONE post if they were an instructor. I simply scanned the list of instructors' names, I saw no benefit in playing detective.


edit to add:


There have been complaints about instructors having problems getting documents quickly from the ISP. IF the OP had answered my post I would have PM him and verified his instructor status and sent him the forms. (why I have to explain myself is beyond me)

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