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Password resets


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I am sure that everyone is aware of this, but just in case there are a few who are not.


Never click on a link in an email to go to any of your accounts, no matter how authentic it looks.

Even the FBI has been spoofed.

Always use your browser or Favorites got to your bank, here, Social Security, etc., to check on your status.

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I got this email on the 9th


"A password reset has been requested for your user account on the Illinois State Patrol Firearms Web Portal. If you have not requested a password reset, please ignore this message. If you did request this password reset, please click on the link below within 6 hours in order to reset your password. You may need your associated Driver's License Number or State Identification in order to reset your password. (click here like to confirm)"


I Did not fall for it. That was 9 days ago and my access is still good. I changed nothing.


As an instructor my email is easily found on the ISP site.

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I saw a news item yesterday, which I cannot find now, about 12 popular Chrome plugins that seem legit (have legit-looking names, say they do legit-looking things, etc.) but are actually malicious. Well, probably every person thinks their plugins are safe. It's all those other people who have malicious plugins. Meanwhile, check your plugins.
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11:19 am central December 18

10:50 am central December 17


It wasn’t a faked email. My password was indeed reset.

We do see an increase in spammers trying to register new accounts this time every year. One, in particular, tried in November and again shortly before what you're reporting. He/she/it (in the case of a bot) was banned each time before they were able to post anything, but it could be related.


Strong passwords are an obvious part of keeping them out. Everyone using a combination of upper and lower case, a number or two, and some special characters (!,@,# etc) will help..

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Any word on planned board upgrade and converting to an https protocol?

Yes, and no...


Why "no"? If it's a matter of money, let us know the costs. I'm not stepping up saying I'll donate hundreds of dollars for https, but if it's another $5 a year as a supporting member, I'd be fine with that.


Dangit, just noticed my "supporting membership" lapsed, too. Gotta go fix that.

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