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A Reminder, and a Moved Topic Procedure Change


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The National Politics and Illinois Politics Forums are intended for "advancing the Second Amendment in the United States and gaining legal recognition of the right-to-carry in Illinois". New topics started in these forums "should be dedicated to subject matter directly related to the Right to Keep and Bear Arms."

In the past, topics started in these forums that were not focused on advancing our Second Amendment rights have been move, usually to the Back Room, with a link left in the original forum pointing to the new location. Unfortunately, this is now causing unintentional forum slide - a process where the topics related to our primary 2A focus get pushed to the bottom of the first page of the forum in which they belong, or even off the first page entirely. This inevitably confuses visitors and newer members who are here for help, advice, and information about gun rights. Some will search for the info that should be easily found without the need to search. Others simply give up.

In order to keep the IllinoisCarry forum focused on our mission, we are implementing a procedure change. Topics started in an inappropriate forum will, at the discretion of the moderator, be moved without leaving a link to the new location. If you've started a new thread that is no longer where you last saw it, please check the Back Room as that will most likely be it's new home.

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