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SOME, and I stress, SOME of those "braces" are nothing but shoulder stocks, and we all know it. I make and sell both AR pistols and SBRs and I cannot really justify the difference with some of them. Others, I can.


I would assume that. in 2021, many, but not all, "braces" will be catagorized as shoulder stocks, making those with pistol barrels SBRs. I think Trump is the only reason is has not happened yet.


That leaves what do so with what out there. A good case exists that ATF must have an amnesty for these newly classified SBRs. If that is what happens, they cannot tax you to "register" the firearm, as under the NFA, the tax is for the making or transfer, not the registration. A tax for registration would be a "direct tax" and facially unconstitutional. That is why the 1968 NFA amnesty was "tax free", as were all form 1 registrations from 1934 to 1968, and all streetweeper registrations were tax free.


We can only PRAY that if Biden makes things NFA that were not, that he mandates a $200 registration fee, as that will kill whatever he does.

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actually, he does not need the senate, or congress for that matter, to pass squat. All needs happen is ATF to declare that certain "arm braces" are shoulder stocks, and like I said before, I can think of a few that would easily qualify.


then I can think of a way to plausably make the rest of the arm brace equipped pistols AOWs, but wont write it, less I give ideas, as I have not seen it articulated elsewhere.


All done with a stroke of a pen.


If you will remember back a few years, how surprised were was all that arm braces were approved in the first place.

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But it HAS been approved, and millions of pistols designed around them have been lawfully produced, purchased and owned.

That's the problem. The camel had his nose under the tent, now he's in the tent pooping on everything. The stroke of a pen modifies things that were supposed to be rights, when it was supposed to take a constitutional amendment to do such things.

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