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Foid card delay...not much progress


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I applied for my foid card June 18th and i still havent gotten anything in the mail. Its been over 140 days and im not sure what i should do to speed up the process. I called isp the other day and waited 2 hours to get on the phone with someone and once i got through i didnt get much information about my status at all. She basically said that everything checks out on my background check and i dont have to worry about that, i asked her how long it would take for my to get the card since the background check is done and she didnt give me an answer. I live in kane county so I found out who my state rep is and I emailed him, I havent received any response from him either and its been a few weeks. Does anyone have any ideas on what i could possibly do to finally get this over with. Illinois is really holding our rights.
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