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What are the associated registration costs for the IL CCW Instructor's License?


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You need to take a listed firearms instructors class.

No fee to be approved but you have to apply and be approved by ISP

Others costs will be significant after being approved

Materials, guns, laptop or pc, possible slide projector, training weapons, holsters etc.


Good Luck and Welcome to the Forums

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To Bubby's point, I'm guessing that the CCW Instructor Business didn't turn out to be as lucrative as everyone thought. After that first rush, things slowed down quite a bit. I know my renewal class had one other person. The poor instructor probably didn't even break even.

I think the costs were in line with other teaching jobs I guess. I didn’t mean to have it sound like sour grapes and hope I didn’t.

After having taken my CCL class from what I nought at the time was the best instruction I’ve received in my life. Both in the instructor and materials given and tools available in that classroom setting.


I was however hoping to put it out there that simply getting approved by the ISP isn’t the big part, there’s always more.

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Thanks for the answers guys! I don't know why I didn't receive email notifications that you all responded.

Yeah, I'm definitely not in it to try and make money. I'm fortunate enough to make sufficient money for my family and I through my day job. I just enjoy mentoring people, and I ended up helping out some in my CCW class. My instructor said he thought I'd make a good instructor, so I could possibly see myself helping him out part time or elsewhere just for the enjoyment of helping others.


@Bubbacs - I appreciate the welcome to the forums

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You can make a living doing CCL classes. I make a good living wage teaching. I hold two full 16 classes a week, (10-15 people a class) and a 2 renewal classes every other week.


There were slow times along the way, but not right now, i am booked solid through the end of the year.

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