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Back ground check for gun purchase

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My niece just purchased a Glock which was your first gun and she was approved in three days. She really really enjoys shooting. Then she purchased her second gun 4 weeks later, which was a Hellcat, and she was approved in three days. No delays for her. Every person appears to be different. Maybe she was just lucky.

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Its possible theres people out there with the same name and last name. I forget but theres a bunch of people out there with my name and last name. The only thing that changes is the birthdate. I honestly don’t understand when IL has their own system. I honestly think they’re just going off of nics and pocketing the funds designated for the IL system cause theres no way there should be a delay with the way “the foid system is suppose to work”.
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I purchased a new gun and the FFL put in the background check last Saturday and its still not approved. how long has this been taking? is there someone I can contact to check?

...Illinois State Police say as of Thursday, they have more than 5,300 pending firearm transfer inquiry program requests.


State Rep. Brad Halbrook, R-Shelbyville, said aside from calls about problems with unemployment, his office is flooded with frustrated calls from constituents upset they’re Second Amendment rights are being infringed upon. And it’s not just gun owners.


“I got an email from a gun shop owner just a few days ago, there was eight or 10 transactions on there that were 10 days-plus old,” Halbrook said. “That doesn’t really help in times like this. They think that they are intentionally being throttled back on those kinds of things.”


ISP said there’s about a seven business day average wait for the FTIP requests to be processed....

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Is there a number I can call to try to speed it up? I called for my ccl and got them to push it through

So you DID call and they got it to you faster?

And what number did you call?

But then you ask what number to call.


Not to say it isn't so, but with the numbers of people in the Que and waiting for a card..... I see no reason why a simple phone call from a random applicant would move them ahead of everyone else waiting.



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You need to reach out to MollyB about the “Under Board Review”

There are several threads about such and a few involve timelines of a year or more

If I’m correct you haven’t been denied yet and those letters you get every now and then are just that, them extending the timeline

No one gets through to the review board.....at least I haven’t seen anyone post about it nor seen MollyB pin it anywhere!

You are stuck with no recourse to appeal until they deny


Having said that it needs to be cleared for the new peeps here, and I’m about to type with this including myself!

Take any and all information from the average member with a huge grain of salt. If it seems like something that has never happened before, it’s because it’s just that.

CCL have taken between 90 and 120 days since the beginning of time almost. It states as much in the statute.

Those who call and those who get their Rep involved are doing so at the nearest end to the process anyway.

IMHO, if pushed through at day 93 to 111....it was already due for process and printing. There was no miracle.

I’ve posted before and yes I’ll get in trouble again.

We need that person who is at the very early stage (30 to 40) days to call someone and get it to jump forward. Documentation would be great too. Many people are excited about and NEED their right to carry. But i have been reading these forums for 5 plus years and do so everyday top to bottom. And I have yet to see the above statement fulfilled!


Good Luck to everyone and wishes are for some good information to actually help people would start being posted........

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I've messaged Molly about it. It's sounds like it's pretty much a waiting game. She said that things should get rolling with the new appointments to the board. I'm actually due for another letter this week. It's just more frustrating because I've purchased several firearms since applying back in February, and they're still leaving me in limbo.

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