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Hello Im new. I applied for Foid card today. Im 50yrs old and got arrested a couple times 30yrs ago. So I just figured I was exempt from getting the card, And never bothered. One was possession, nothing major and the other some kind of theft, was kinda serious, I missed court a few times and made it worse. I cant remember if they were felonys or not. I didnt go to jail, it all got worked and i got a couple years probation. Anyway, I checked felony on the app because i got this feeling they were felonys, I probably wasted 11.00 applying. No other trouble since then, not even a speeding ticket in the past 25yrs or so. Im surprised it the application even let me go forward after checking felony, they dont ask for any explanations. I thought it was clear, no felonies. So Ill wait for the denial email.
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Maybe, maybe not. ISP FAQ re appeal and denial letter


Felony (Felony that occurred in Illinois)


To appeal a felony conviction follow the instructions outlined in the FOID Appeal Requirements, available in the Forms and Instructions in the Appeals FAQs.

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Where all this happened might determine the outcome.

What county?


You might as well start preparing




Theres a lot of help here to do this on your own.


Get your rap sheet will be the first step.


Good Luck going forward

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Welcome to the forum Frank, I have helped 2 people through the process you have started. Don't waste your money on a lawyer yet. You took the proper first step. If your felony was non-violent you will get your FOID after a couple more steps. The ISP will either approve your FOID application on turn it down. When they deny your application they will send you instructions on how to appeal. It is a simple process and you can do it all yourself. Just follow the instructions the ISP sends you. I really doubt a lawyer can cut any time out of the process.


AND don't waste your time running down rap sheets and arrest records. My 2 guys didn't need them.

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Thanks for the advice. Hopefully I get it without to much trouble.

Non-violent felony over 20 years is pretty trouble free. They will tell you why your were denied (if you are). You will need to send them back a letter explaining how you have changed and wont do that again. Plus short letters from 3 references.


Hang in there. You'll make it.

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