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Question about next steps for SB1966, Fix The FOID Concurrence


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Per centersquare:

..."Senate Bill 1966 passed the Senate, was amended in the House and passed, and was sent back in the Senate for concurrence. A concurrence vote could happen as early as next week."...


The status of this bill indicates concurrence amendments 1, 2, 3 held in Judiciary then referred back to assignments last year.


Assuming no amendments or altered as a new or shell bill, what happens when this gets called?


Does it still have to go back to assignments, pass committee and then to Senate for concurrence? Can it go straight to Senate for concurrence vote where it was before? It can take a couple of days to go through assignments to get to chamber if they fasttrack it as I recall.


Just interested in the path it needs to take to get a vote called.

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With the renewed interest in SB1966 after yesterday's excitement, this thread deserves a bump, and it'll keep the daily threads uncluttered.


Other than reading what the ISRA emailed and what was posted here, how do we know the House amendments were posted to the Firearms Subcommittee? The last actions for the bill indicate only that the three amendments were sent to the Judiciary Committee.


What is the significance of today's date in "Placed on Calendar Order of Concurrence House Amendment(s) 1, 2, 3 - March 4, 2020"? Was it placed on the calendar first, then sent to the Judiciary Committee? It is listed in today's Senate calendar.


(edited for minor typos)

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how do we know the House amendments were posted to the Firearms subcommittee?

It is confusing isn't it? The Firearms subcommitte this morning still shows "At this time, no legislation has been assigned." I usually assume it takes a day at least to get site updated but we know things can move swiftly in a few hours if Madigan or Harmon wish them to.


One might assume based on the way things look and what we read that the amendments must be approved by committee before the Senate can take up concurrence. Yet being on todays Senate calendar is somewhat concerning. The committee may be a formality and a requirement. I seem to recall an hour advance notice is required but not sure about moving on to the floor for concurrence debate.


Secretary's Desk


Senate Bills

S.B. 1966 -- Morrison - Sims - Collins - Van Pelt -

Villivalam (Willis - Carroll - Hernandez, Barbara


(W/H.A.'S #1, 2 & 3)

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Interesting... I was looking for an example of another assignment to a subcommittee to see how it was listed in the Assignment reports. SB2472 (not firearm related) was assigned to an Agriculture subcommittee on 2/27, but the Assignment Report for the day doesn't reference it. However, SB1966 was listed as being assigned to Judiciary, then redacted by hand. I assume BC is Sen. Bill Cunningham.



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