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Foid Appeal

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I was denied a foid card almost three years ago and have been in appeals with the director of ISP ever since. With several calls and no responses back from them. Now I have gotten through a few times only with them saying it's being looked at. I finally have a court date in about three weeks over this and my attorney thinks this should go well. ISP won't respond with a decision and I meet all requirements and the SA has the paperwork he requested. My case is identical to Pournaras I hope everything will go through I have waited long enough, ISP and the State Of Illinois still treats me like a criminal. I was also denied a Pardon by our old Govenor Rainer. I'm not a criminal but a law abiding citizen I made mistakes and bad choices.
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I was just thinking and wondering if the Director of ISP has ever been subpoenaed to court over something like this and decided to give someone there Foid card because he or she meet all requirements anyways so ISP didn't have to show up for court. I mean if you are eligible why go to court and waste time.
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My attorney said subpoena and he didn't say anything about a lawsuit.


How did you find an attorney to help you with your ccl appeal issue? And how much does he cost if you dont mind me asking lol. I have a court order for return of my firearm after a criminal case i was found not guilty in. Has been a yr and still nothing from isp smh

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