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Message from ISP - FOIDs remain valid if renewed prior to expiration

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Now 90 days into renewal.

I have had a FOID since they came into existance.

"Under Review"

I have an active CCL and a C&R.

Calls and emails. No response.

No response...no surprise. Renewals are 60 business days which is going to be around 12 weeks excluding holidays...so your 90 isnt too far off which is also what others have reported. CCL or C&R has no impact.
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Illinois govt is a joke of the nation.


Combine the carry permit and the FOID into one card!

I know some do not care but for me, people that see my FOID dont need to know I have a CCL. There was a task force to look into combining cards, dont remember if it also included DL but iirc, never went anywhere
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Has anyone else experience over a year wait time for a FOID appeal? I'm going on 13 months and the ISP seems either completely uselessness or overwhelmed.


Any advice on what I can do?


Thanks All,



Yes, most appeals seem to be taking that long or longer. Sometimes it depends on the type of appeal. You might consider requesting an administrative hearing with the Director of the Illinois State Police .


Sec. 10. Appeal to director; hearing; relief from firearm prohibitions.

  1. Whenever an application for a Firearm Owner's Identification Card is denied, whenever the Department fails to act on an application within 30 days of its receipt, or whenever such a Card is revoked or seized as provided for in Section 8 of this Act, the aggrieved party may appeal to the Director of State Police for a hearing upon such denial, revocation or seizure,

You will need to send a letter to the director and request a hearing on the appeal you filed and give the date or approximate date you submitted your appeal the first time. In the letter, give your full legal name, date of birth, FOID number, and the date your FOID card was denied/revoked. Send a complete set of the appeal forms you already filed.


If you are granted a hearing, which is usually a meeting with an administrative judge appointed by the ISP, you may be able to do that as a teleconference or may need to travel to Springfield. You can have an attorney with you, if you think you need one.


Send this all via a mail service that will provide you with a signed receipt of delivery to:


Director Brendan Kelly

Illinois State Police

801 S. 7th Street

Springfield, IL 62703


Please keep us posted on your progress.

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