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Paying It Forward for Someone In Need . . .

Molly B.

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A member sent a message about a hard working woman who is needing to get a concealed carry license and possibly a carry firearm but does not have the money to do this. The member is willing to provide resources for her to take the class.


Would you be interested in donating toward the cost of the license fee? The cost of a concealed carry firearm?

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I don't know if it applies here but having gone through a similar situation with an acquaintance I know things were very frustrating. Someone in the legislature should introduce a bill to allow for expedited issuance of FOID & CCL for crime victims and people with orders of protection against others. I'm usually not one to support carve-outs but such a bill would both serve a purpose as well as illustrate the absurdity of the current status quo. How about combined application for FOID & CCL, provide training certificate within 30 days after application, and then issue within 7 days after the 30 day objection window closes.


The democrats will kill it but it will be just another example of their insanity.

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