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Full CHL Course/Renewal/Corrections Officer Course-World Shooting & Recreation Complex-Sparta


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Illinois and Florida Concealed Carry Class on November 9-10 at the World Shooting Complex in Sparta. This class is much more than just "getting your certificate." We cover the state-mandated requirements and cover in-depth every aspect of carrying a concealed firearm, firearms in the home, legal issues, out-of-state carry, etc. We also will spend an afternoon on the range doing much more than the basic 30-round qualification course. Students, regardless of skill level, will leave the class with a working knowledge of safe gun handling and tactics necessary for carrying a concealed firearm to protect themselves and their families.

Anyone in need of a refresher course prior to their CCL permit expiring can attend for the full second day for $40. This is also being offered for IDOC Corrections Officers. Attending the second day is beneficial since we've had numerous people attend prior refresher courses that didn't have basic knowledge of things that should have been taught elsewhere in their initial course. It takes a little longer than a 3-hour (minimum) refresher but is well worth your time.

Class Flyer.pdf

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