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Hey y'all


I used the search bar for this topic and I didn't find any information regarding this situation. Or maybe I'm just terrible at searching, that being said, could y'all help me out.


Good friend of mine applied for his FOID over a year ago, but moved shortly after. We think they emailed the FOID to his old address, but he has no way of getting mail from that long ago. I tried to help him login to ispfsb website to check the status, but he couldn't remember any of the information nor the email addressed he used. When you hit "forgot password" it brings up a page to reset it, but there is no "forgot username" option.


I apologize if there is a thread detailing this but I did try searching. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, especially by him, cause due to his current financial situation, he's living in a very dangerous neighborhood.


Thank you

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Sign in with a new e-mail and password. After you put your info in it will bring up your existing info.


It is a common problem and just creating a new signin is way easier.

Thanks so much man!

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