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State wants my age/ocupation/purpose of firearm ?


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I did a transfer the other day (first this year). After I did the 4473. w/FOID and DL. Then asked me my age/occupation and the purpose of the firearm. I asked was this just the state or new federal thing. They told me it was just the state of Illinois.


So my question is the State of Illinois maintaining a list of gun purchases by owner by age by occupation by purpose ? Who gets to view this database and how long is data held?


Sorry if I'm the last to notice this change on the buyer's side of the transaction.

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Age 64

Occupation Retired

Reason Personal Use




Been doing this for years in Illinois

Some FFL’s haven’t been doing it for years

Some have now started to do it as it’s part of the paper work

My LGS says it’s kept in house with the 4473


Not sure why it’s a big deal, everyone has their info out there

You’re on camera everywhere

You're on paper everywhere

You're on the internet everywhere


Ex wife

Ex girlfriend/boyfriend


It’s just a questionnaire.......

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Asking occupation and purpose is pretty much the rule in my neck of the woods.


I've never been asked age that I can remember - maybe because my date of birth is on my FOID card and is required on the 4473.


I do not see a problem either. In casual conversation I have told strangers my age (74) and occupation (retired from the Navy and retired RN) if asked.


I do not see a reason for the state to ask the reason for the gun purchase, but have no problem with stating the usual reasons: hunting, defense, collecting, etc.

No one is going to volunteer that he is going to use it to commit a crime.

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Not sure it’s actually a form

Kind of a sheet of paper printed out with some legal ease and a place at the bottom to answer those questions.

I saw no Illinois or federal form number on either one.

Reminds me of the copy machine of your drivers license and FOID which is attached to the pile of forms they keep



More than likely a cya for dealers who want to NOT have issues with the Febs or Locals

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