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Foid Approved Today! I think?

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I had posted before asking a question about first offended probation for some poor decisions I made when I was 18 and the charges were eventually dismissed. Anyways I applied on 7/23 with the expectation I might have to submit a records appeal if denied. Then yesterday I check status through inspect element and it finally says qc verified. I go ahead and check inspect element again this afternoon and it says approved. I'm assuming that's good or at least I hope that means background checks have been completed and that I am in fact approved. Will post updates as now I am excited and will probably check the site multiple times a day.
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You my friend are in-fact the UNICORN of FOID’s at this time!

If approved at under 30 days that is sweet news as many have gone out to sixty on a new FOID.


Welcome to the forums and that should go active soon, and then the usps wait will start.


You’re over the hump, hang in there.


Anyone know if name/address changes are subject to the 30 day time frame (same as initial applications), or is it the 60 day time frame (same as renewals)?

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