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FOID Experation Date

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We have. It appears this is associated with renewal of ILCC. They send new FOID card even though the expiration date is with 60 days. Many folks think there FOID is renewed and it is not. They must renew FOID even though they receive a new FOID card. Check the expiration date on any cards you receive from ISP.

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oh OK got it.

then yes it does expire as the original date

this info is pinned some where here

those getting a new ccl will get the new foid to have matching numbers

when the foid gets there check the date as we all do

the date is what you had originally


the state of Illinois will not give you extended time, cause they suc


so you will have to pay for a renewed foid cards


next question you may have, is yes your ccl is still valid and good to go while the foid is being renewed

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Officially at 60 days since check was cashed for renewal... expire 9/1. This is insane. I just won a over under at a golf outing and it will arrive next week and guessing i wont have a valid foid.

Law indicates 30 days for new apps and 60 business days for renewals. Your card should still remain active per FOID Act.


"If a renewal application has been submitted prior to the expiration date of the applicant's Firearm Owner's Identification Card, the Firearm Owner's Identification Card shall remain valid while the Department processes the application, unless the person is subject to or becomes subject to revocation under this Act. "

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I’m just a little more p***** that the phone lines are completely in active and immediately go to a recorded message what happens for those who have to file a paper application over the phone it doesn’t exist… Have tried for over two weeks multiple times a day and it literally always immediately a recorded message the system is a joke
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