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FOID for a 14 year old

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Go online and apply

You’ll be filling out the form and they will send it to you.

You’ll have a notary stamp it with a parent or guardian signing.

Mail back in and wait for the state to get to it......

This is sage advice! ^

Exactly the process we went through for the baby girl who out shoots her old man. Damn little kid eyesight. She is also a master at Kentucky Windage. Zeroed her 10/22 in 20 knot breeze. Dad, I think I need a heavier bullet. Two shots and she was on the money!

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Just to clarify my experience getting this for my 7 year old daughter last year.


She did not have a state ID. This is a better deal as you pay $10 for a 10 year ID vs $10 for a 5 year state ID. Not to mention all the benefits of having the FOID. I believe if the minor currently has a state ID you can do it over the web access portal. Otherwise you have to call the ISP number and do the application over the phone for a minor. The number is: 217-782-7980. Once you speak with an agent, they will take the necessary information and then mail you two separate items. One will be the FOID application which will have a spot for a parent (as the sponsor) to sign as well as the applicant. The second form is a minor affidavit form. Again, the parent (as the sponsor) will need to sign this and have it notarized. They will take the payment initially over the phone as well. If you do not have a state ID, you will need to include a picture to use as well. I used a passport photo for my daughter which was taken at Walgreens.


Once complete, send them back to the address on the envelope and wait. I think it took a 2-3 weeks for it to come for her.


Hope that helps!

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