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Call to Action 5/19/2019 - Dividing the Party/Dividing the State


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Dividing the Party
Dividing the State

Representative Kathleen Willis, one of the prime movers behind last session's Gun Dealer Licensing Law, is at it again. And not just at her typical push to make gun ownership as difficult as possible. No, she continues to divide this state into North versus South, into urban versus rural factions. And she continues to divide her party into those with traditional values, the same values that built this country, versus her idea that the government should restrict and control our Constitutional rights.

This is Not What Illinois Wants!

We do not want this division. We do not want government restriction and control of our Constitutional rights. Gun owners know that we and non-owners can co-exist. Non-owners know this too. Those who cause this division are a small group of politicians who have broken from traditional Democratic values to dole out our rights as if they own them. It is the same group allowing division to destroy Illinois.[/size]

Ms. Willis, a leading member of this destructive group, has now introduced legislation to “Fix the FOID” by increasing the cost to obtain a FOID card to as much as $50 or $100, by requiring all firearm transfers go through a licensed dealer when her own Gun Dealer Licensing law is closing many gun stores, and by creation of a secret law enforcement data base of prohibited persons.

The list of infringements is long, longer than can be included here. And it is being done in secret. There is currently no opportunity to file witness slips against this horrible legislation. But, there is an opportunity to contact committee members and your own Illinois House Representative asking them to vote against SB1966 House Amendment 1, both in committee and should it proceed to the floor.

Committee members can be reached in Springfield Monday, May 20:

Representative Justin Slaughter ( D )
(217) 782-0010

Representative Kelly M. Cassidy ( D )
(217) 782-8088

Representative Terri Bryant ( R )
(217) 782-0387

Representative Kambium Buckner ( D )
(217) 782-2023

Representative John M. Cabello ( R )
(217) 782-0455

Representative John Connor ( D )
(217) 782-4179

Representative Will Guzzardi ( D )
(217) 558-1032

Representative Michael Halpin ( D )
(217) 782-5970

Representative Jay Hoffman ( D )
(217) 782-0104

Representative Tony McCombie ( R )
(217) 782-3992

Representative Margo McDermed ( R )
(217) 782-0424

Representative Lindsay Parkhurst ( R )
(217) 782-5981

Representative Delia C. Ramirez ( D )
(217) 782-0150

Representative Anne Stava-Murray ( D )
(217) 782-6578

Representative Arthur Turner ( D )
(217) 782-8116

Representative Maurice A. West, II ( D )
(217) 782-3167

Representative Blaine Wilhour ( R )
(217) 782-0066

Representative Patrick Windhorst ( R )
(217) 782-5131

Representative Michael J. Zalewski ( D )
(217) 782-5280

Your own Illinois House Representative, if not listed above, can be located here.

When calling, please make these points to our Representatives:

> The amendment discriminates against the very constituents Rep Willis claims to help – people of fewer financial means who will find higher FOID costs more difficult to bear, urban residents who will find it difficult to travel to “convenient locations throughout the State” to apply for a FOID card when public transportation may not include those locations on their routes, and Chicago residents in particular by requiring all firearm transfers be done through an FFL when there are no FFLs in the City.

> A reminder to Republican Representatives specifically that voters' expect them to honor their party's platform to defend the Second Amendment in Illinois, and that voting in favor of this or similar legislation is a recipe for failure.

> A question to downstate Democrats – do you represent traditional Democratic values, or have you sold out to big city politics?

> The Constitutionality of the FOID Act is already in question in the form of People v Brown and GSL v Raoul.

Representative Willis has declared war on Illinois gun owners, gun store owners and, especially, on Chicago area residents who value the rights that are increasingly denied them by the party they've been told is looking out for them.

It is time to take charge of your own destiny. It is time to turn your back to those who think they know better than you, to those who act as your Mother, treating you like a child incapable of making informed decisions. It is time to demand they respect your rights – all of them.

This Session will be ending on May 31st. As usual, we expect the anti-gun Democrats to try to wait till the last minute to push legislation that will further erode our Constitutional Rights. Their hope is that we won’t notice chunks of our rights being legislated away with all the other laws they are forcing upon us. This just cannot stand!​

If we find an opportunity to file witness slips against this outrage, it will be on very short notice. IllinoisCarry will make every effort to alert our readers to any opportunities that arise.

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