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Current FOID card and number got Annulled after New CCL went Active, Leaving out of State with no FOID

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So Backstory.


My CCL went active today 5/13/19 (Applied Jan 10. 2019, No Prints so 123 days in case anyone is waiting and trying to judge their wait time)


I've had my FOID for about 6 years and the one I still have in hand is the older one with the drawing of the state and the light reflective colorful eagle on the bottom right corner. That FOID number doesn't match with the one on the ISP login. It's a new number, and it changed not after I was approved, but after I went Active. It's a significantly longer number and it matches my new CCL number.


Does this mean that I can't buy new firearms, ammo, go to a range, or bring a weapon outside my home even if it is cased an unloaded, until the new CCL comes in? (Sure maybe go to a range since they don't seem to check anything online, but say for whatever reason I got involved in a car accident or something similar and the police see firearms and ask for a FOID card)


Will they send me a replacement FOID when I get the new CCL and if not can I use the CCL as a FOID, or do I need to replace/renew it myself?


I will also be leaving the state to visit Tennessee, with family members who have valid FOID cards, and even if the CCL is also sent with a new FOID, I will probably not be home at the time of delivery. I know Illinois is one of the only states to have FOIDs or something similar, but do other states expect you to bring yours from your home state if you're visiting? I know Tennessee honors Illinois CCL permits, but does anyone know if Tennessee CCL holders must have the license present on their person while carrying? I'm wondering that in the event that Tennessee CCL holders need not carry their permit on them while carrying a firearm, would they extent that same rule to Illinois CCL holders visiting the state?

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Your FOID is still active. You will receive a new card. Because your FOID card # was changed to match your FCCL you will run into an issue if you were to try and buy a gun from a dealer before one of your new cards come in the mail. This is because the dealer will attempt to run a BG check using your old and now invalid FOID number from your old card and he will an error trying to run the check. However if stopped by police the system will show you as having a valid FOID as well as an FCCL.

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I wouldn’t attempt to carry in TN unless you have the CCL in hand.

They won’t accept just telling them.

And you’re under Illinois rules if carry as your not a TN resident.


Family there, born there, and go there when I’m able.

Two sisters and 3 other family members who carry say it’s not worth it to attempt.

Funny thing, we have actually talked about this one time I was there!


Good Luck and enjoy the TN vacation it’s very relaxed down there.

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