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As part of our effort to increase pro-2A activism we're beginning a new, multi-pronged approach to member involvement.

  • With Town Hall meetings becoming more prevalent we thought we should provide a place for discussion, and to rally the troops on local, State and Federal issues. This new forum can be used to raise awareness of meetings and rallies, both pro and anti Second Amendment, that our members might be interested in attending. Please keep new topics related to firearm and Second Amendment issues.
  • We also ask our members to subscribe to their district legislators' email lists, and either post here or send a PM to a moderator any local activity they feel will be of interest or in need of attention.
  • Finally, we ask members who have personal or working relationships with their pro-2A legislators to extend our invitation to supply meeting information to be posted here. IllinoisCarry will also be reaching out to extend this invitation to legislators. They or their staff may post directly or with our help.

Particularly relevant topics could be shared to our Facebook Page, our recently resurrected Twitter Feed, and with our email subscribers. In order to facilitate sharing the information you provide, please keep new topics professional and to the point. Opening posts will be a place for details such as location, date and time along with a brief description of the event and its relevance to our cause. Posts later in the topic can be more elaborate for those who want additional information.

Let's use this opportunity to bring more people into supporting the cause.

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