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Can’t get through to ISPFSB about FOID denial

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Ive applied for my FOID card a while ago but got denied twice 2x for Failure to sign/notarize Guardian Sponsorship Affadavit. As I am underaged and would need my moms permission/ signature on an pdf form for the online application. On the online form though, my mom has signed her printed name, signature, date, and application number on the opened tabs for the pdf.

But I keep getting denied for that exact reason, ive been trying to reach ISPFSB through the phone with no success, what should I do?



Below is the signed pdf post-19434-0-51602300-1550085520_thumb.jpeg

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Is this PDF opened on your desktop as it appears in the picture?


If so you must print out the PDF have it actually signed and dated plus have you mom be at the notary to sign and the notary to witness and stamp the form. Then you will mail, that old fashion way of sending letters to other people!


This is the only way an underage can get these I believe.

Due to the notary being needed and no notary worth their license would stamp a paper with actually seeeing the person sign the form!

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One more important thing, tell your mom to NOT sign the form until she is explicitly in front of the notary (they will want to verify her ID and witness the signature personally before certifying it under oath and applying the stamp). When you mail it in you might also request with the post office that the recipient sign for the letter/document as well (for verification that they actually recieved it).
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