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Gun Owners Defying New Laws Worldwide


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NO MORE! We have gone along to get along for TOO LONG. That's why the second amendment has been eroded to the point we are at now and that's why it continues to be under attack. Without a few lucky strategic court rulings, we would already be in a situation where guns are basically illegal in California, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, etc. The legislatures of these states can pass basically whatever they want and most of the residents think banning guns is just fine.


When will we fight? What's the trigger to fight? For me, it's before they lawgivers breach my front door with a battering ram looking for contraband with no basis or evidence that I have it...because the day that happens is TOO LATE!


When will we fight for the first amendment? Will you conform with a law that requires you to address a person by their preferred pronoun? What if the pronoun is zie or zim?


When will we fight for the fourth amendment? Fifth? Tenth? Will you allow soldiers to be quartered in your private home if the state says so? Will you allow yourself to be coerced into testimony against yourself if Mike Madigan and JB Pritzker say so?



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