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IDFPR Registered firearm instructor ,what now ?


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I just received my IDFPR Registered firearm instructor certification , I was a range instructor for IDOC , I am confused as to what I can actually do.

I was told it was good for recertifications of Law enforcement , Armed Security recertifications, is this correct?

What do I need to become a CCL instructor?


The IDFPR is good for armed security but not for certification or recertification of Law Enforcement.


To certify LEOs you need a separate certificate from the ILETSB.

Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board.

The certification requires a 40 hour course. I think you need to be sponsored by a LE Department.


To teach the FCCL course you need an ISP certificate. Information can be found here : https://www.ispfsb.com/Public/Cert.aspx


So yes, depending on who you want to train you need certificates from three state organizations. Only in Illinois .....

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